Military Benefits Request

This worksheet must be completed every semester if benefits are desired.

Fields with an asterisk must be completed.

*Last Name

Middle Initial

*First Name

Oakton ID

*The last 4 digits of Social Security Number




*Zip code

*Home Phone

Daytime or Cell Phone

E-mail Address

*Expected Graduation Date

*Branch of Service

*Guest Student

(for students receiving benefits at their primary institution)


*Submitting documents
  VA Letter of Eligibility
  IVG/ING Letter of Eligibility
  DD 214
  MIA/POW Card
  Vocational Rehabilitation Authorization Form
  MTA Voucher
  Already Submitted

*Please indicate your educational benefits (you may select more than one option)
  Post 9/11 G.I. Bill (Chapter 33)
  Montgomery G.I. Active Duty (Chapter 30)
  Montgomery G.I. Bill Selective Reserve (Chapter 1606)
  REAP G.I. Bill (Chapter 1607)
  Illinois Veteran's Grant
  Illinois National Guard
  Illinois MIA/POW
  Military Tuition Assistance
  Survivor and Dependent Program (Chapter 35)
      File #
  Veterans Educational Assistance Program (Chapter 32)
  Veterans Voc. Rehab. Program (Chapter 31)

I understand I am not eligible for housing benefits (Post 9/11 GI Bill) if I'm enrolled in less than 7 credit hours.

*Have Military educational benefits been previously used at Oakton Community College  
Note: If selected no please submit a paper copy of your DD214 (Member 1 and 4) and/or the letter of eligibility issued by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission for Illinois Veteran's Grant (IVG) or Illinois National Grant (ING) educational benefits to the Enrollment Center.

*Have military educational benefits been previously used at any other college, university, or trade school
If 'yes' date last used

Note: If selected 'yes' please submit your academic transcript(s) to Oakton's Enrollment Center and officially request an evaluation once the transcript has been submitted. An Evaluation of Credit Request forms is available at Transfer credit evaluation is required to receive military benefits.

Important information for students applying for military educational benefits:


Submission of this worksheet indicates that I would like to use my educational benefits for the semester indicated.

  I certify I am a U.S. Citizen or eligible non-citizen.
  I certify I am not in default on any student loan nor do I owe a refund on any state or federal grant.
  I certify that the information provided is accurate and true.